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We are a member of the Official, National,  Professional Association for Inflatables: IIPGA
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Air Castles And Slides' Owner is the official NJ State Representative for the Professional International Inflatable Products and Games Association, IIPGA .

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We will never rent any inflatable that is not in full compliance with NJ law.

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ASTM International Standards World Wide

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Holiday party ideas for your party:
There are so many different party games and activities we've seen that are so merry and we agree with several articles we read combined and paraphrased here:

There are several benefits to adding fun holiday games to your party;  from guests relaxing, interacting with more than the usual people they talk with, children and adults can enjoy the time together, there will be giggles, laughter and your party will be more fun. The whole purpose of games is to add excitement and adventure into the mix.  Whichever holiday game or games you choose to have your party guests play, your party is sure to be more lively because of them. The number of  fun holiday games at your next holiday party is almost limitless - and can be enhanced by your imagination.  Try to pick games that use different skills so more people will find their 'favorite game.'

Many games are classics and some are remakes designed solely for holiday parties. While other games may not be designed solely for holiday parties, there is a good chance that they would still be a great fit.  You can preplan some of  the games or you can let  your party guests decide on some holiday games or offer their own game suggestions.

A holiday game may be just the right transition from one activity to another. If all of the guests don't know one another a game can work as an 'ice-breaker' and get them all warmed up :-) Don't be afraid of using children's games for the adults - most games work for both kids and adults with a few modifications. Whether you are hosting an all children's party or a party with both children and adults, your guests can enjoy playing holiday games. Holiday games will keep kids interested in the party for a longer time. Having happy kids is ideal for just about any party, but especially parties where adults are also present; it allows the adults to also enjoy themselves.  Games tap into our 'inner child' and let us all let our hair down and relax.

Don't forget to look at our classic games too to add excitement and tradition to your holiday party.  We include the games, staff, canopies, tables, and prize tokens for players to win. Tokens can be traded in for goodie bags or prizes you provide.


- here are a few holiday games you can play;

Play games with the children. Pin the Nose on Frosty and Pin the Nose on the Reindeer are two variations of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Traditional musical chairs played with Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza music is a holiday favorite.

Play match the stockings. Guests try to match handcrafted stockings to the guests that have decorated them, or socks they brought from home for the game. This can also be played with something from their desk if this is a work party - or something from their wallet/pocketbook.

Pass the Candy Cane is played like hot potato, except the children pass a large candy cane until the music stops. The person with the candy cane at the end of the game gets to keep it.

In Pass the Present, wrap a small present like a Christmas chocolate Santa or candy cane in a tiny box, then put it in a bigger wrapped box, inside a bigger wrapped box, inside a bigger box, etc. Alternatively, wrap the gift in several layers of different Christmas wrapping paper. To play the game, everyone pass the gift around while Christmas music plays, and when the music stops whoever is holding the present gets to open it before stepping out of the circle. The gift continues around the circle until the last box is opened or the last layer of paper is unwrapped. The person who unwraps the final box gets to keep the item.

'What's Different?' starts with everyone wearing a Santa hat, and then during other activities at the party one person removes their hat, when you see them remove their hat, you remove yours, the party continues and eventually only one person (most un-observant guest) is the only one wearing a hat.

Association game is fun. Bring the following items for Santa's sleigh, toy box or table; 
A calendar, The letter K, A match in a bottle of water, Jar of 16 candies, Toothbrush, Pitcher, Candle, Salt, Fork, Tacks, Buttercup (Reeses,) The letter N, Stamp, 2 dice on a dish of dirt, An Iron. When the guests come have the previous articles available to examine. As they come, give them the following list. Match the statements on the list with the items on the sleigh, in the toy chest or on the table.  Have everyone examine the objects and then see who can match up the following associations first;  (don't include the answers!)

  • End of pork (k)

  • A bunch of dates (Calendar)

  • A swimming match (match in the bottle)

  • Sweet sixteen (Candies)

  • Never borrowed, never lent (toothbrush)

  • Seen at a ball game (pitcher)

  • Out for the night (candle)

  • The ending of a Biblical Character (Salt)

  • Branching of a river (Fork)

  • On of the causes of the American Revolution (Tacks)

  • A spring flower (buttercup)

  • The end of ambition (N)

  • Ready to be licked (Stamp)

  • A paradise on earth (dice)

  • Birthplace of Burns (Iron)

Another holiday game to try is Holiday trivia - see who or which team can answer these questions in the shortest time;  All reindeer names, Who played doubting child on Miracle on 34th street? What government agency proved Santa exists? Who wrote a letter to what newspaper about Santa? You can add more to the list.

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We looked through the links below and found something we really wanted for somebody on every one of them, so while there may appear to be many links they are all "valued added" by enhancing your party - adding something special to your special day event.
Grab your favorite party snack, put your feet up, and happy shopping!
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Carnival prizes for all your winners! Consolation prizes too!

 pw-275x150Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!Visit our online party supply store.                  Party themes with cake decorating directions!

Party ideas and supplies, variety of themes. Get your plates, cups and napkins to match!

Here are some other places to look for just the right party supplies, themes, toys and gifts.

Birthday in a Box has a wide variety of theme related party paper goods; plates, cups, napkins and loot bags and goodie boxes.

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EXCLUSIVE!!! We rent Fully Licensed, Official Disney, Official Universal Studios , Official 20th Century Fox, Official Nickelodeon and Nick Junior, Official Marvel Comics, Official WB (Warner Brothers,) Official Looney Tunes, and The Incredible World of DIC Inflatable Fun Houses! We carry traditional Birthday, Castles,  Rockets, Sports, Trains. Balloons, Jump, Obstacles, Mountain Climb, Slide and hoops 5 in 1 Combos, and Fully Licensed, Original Jump Houses.

Air Castles And Slides, LLC serves several NJ Counties;  including Middlesex County, Somerset County, Union County, Monmouth County,
and occasionally Morris, Essex and Hudson Counties too. Call for your party today!

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NJ Law prohibits inflatables to be rented which are not insured, permitted, and inspected.
WE will never rent any inflatable that is not in full compliance with NJ law.
All of our inflatables will have the current year's GREEN permit/inspection sticker meaning they are fully approved for use in NJ.

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