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We are a member of the Official, National,  Professional Association for Inflatables: IIPGA
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Air Castles And Slides' Owner is the official NJ State Representative for the Professional International Inflatable Products and Games Association, IIPGA .

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State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
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We will never rent any inflatable that is not in full compliance with NJ law.

We are a member of:

ASTM International Standards World Wide full member
ASTM International Standards World Wide

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(732) 642-2194 for booking/reservations

School, Camp and Church Children's Carnival Games make planning your fun day event easier.              Carnival games bring the fun to your carnival themed fund raiser.        Traditional Carnival Games are available in themed party packages also.       Food Machine Rentals, Chairs, Tables, Bubble Machine, Snow Cone Machine, Popcorn Machine rentals, Pucker Powder straw art candy, and spin art machines add fun and excitement to your event.    Yard Lawn Card Sign rentals  NJ Moonwalks, Bounce House, Jump Houses, obstacles, and Inflatable combo Slides Rentals. 

    School Fun Day Carnival Games and Inflatable!
School Fun Day Carnival Games
Just for your event, we supply all the extras you want.
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Some of the most awesome parties we have seen combine an inflatable Air Castle or Combo Jump Climb and Slide with the School Game package!  Schools will often rent extra tents to have 1 carnival game in each tent and provide parent volunteers in shifts to run the games. Bring a real carnival to your place!  These packages make an awesome presentation, they will talk about it for years!

School, Camp, and Church Fun Day CARNIVAL GAME PACKAGE. (Best value when you can supply the volunteers.)
Bean bag toss line up, Baseball attracts kids and adults. Five chances to score with the bean bags. Various bean bag themes.Traditional carnival frog flip game for children of all ages. Flip the frog onto the lilly pad.Traditional carnival knock down crazy cans game. Get all the cans off the table.Toss the ball into the stove pipe hat. Easy toss scores in the hat.Color matching Rainbow Roll is very pretty for your party. Easy to play, harder to win by rolling chrystal clear balls in matching color rows.

  • Volunteers make all of the difference

    • Volunteers are required for this package, at least one per game.

    • We provide one staff person for this package

    • Our staff person does not operate the games in this package

    • Our staff person will provide support services for your volunteers

    • Volunteers should be recruited for a specific period of time and commit to that period.

    • We suggest you have different volunteers for different time periods.

    • Volunteers will be assigned to specific games and rotated during assigned time.

    • Volunteers must help set up games, tables and tents.

    • We will include a floor plan to help with setup.

    • Volunteers must help take down games, tables and tents

    • Volunteers must attend a pre-operation meeting

    • Volunteers must be familiar with specific games, tokens, and process before they begin.

    • Volunteers may be assistant teachers or assistant camp counselors

    • Volunteers may be older children

    • Volunteers should be provided with fresh, cold drinking water.

    • Volunteers work better when fed and shown appreciation.


  • Rental is for a three hour period.

    • Additional time is available at a per hour rate.

    • Consider natural breaks, such as lunch when planning rental hours.

  • Three EZ Popup canopy tents

    • The Canopy tents come with sidewalls and a back wall which keeps errant balls and game pieces within the tents.

    • Canopy tents are 10'x10' each

    • The Canopy tents suitable for 'gym' height indoor locations.

    • Canopy tents will be set up 10' apart from each other.

    • The space in-between each erected Canopy tent will be used for non-throwing games to enhance the size/look.

    • Depending on the game size, one or two games will be in each Canopy tent

    • Additional Canopy tents can be rented to spread out the games and/or offer a redemption area.

  • 24 inch safety/traffic control cones linked together with bright safety rope to help define the area for the children.  

    • Children will play the games on the outside of the Canopy tents along the front of the Canopy tent, established by the safety cones.

  • Select 6 of the 'A' games (or up to 6 games from any category)
    Toss rubber tipped safety darts unto the star targets. Win by getting dart completely inside the star.Electronic ESPN multi station game syatem attracts kids of all ages. Six games in all! Basketball hoop, baseball toss, football toss, golf, soccer, and hockey target add many games to your event.Easy to understand and play table shuffleboard game.  Carnival game for everyone. Skee ball traditional carnival fun game invites everyone to roll the ball up the ramp and get the ball into the holes.Slots of Fun frisbee toss is more difficult than it looks!

    • Includes a mix of NINE traditional and contemporary carnival games.

    • See list of games on

    • Games differ and are selected for your particular situation and children's ages

    • You may choose specific games.

    • Available models may vary.

    • All game pieces included.

    • Game instructions are provided for several different age groups to use the same game!

    • Game directions also include easy, moderate and challenging play and scoring suggestions.

    • Games can be adapted for themed party packages.

    • Staff is available to help you select your games to ensure a variety of skills are required to play.

    • Total number of games; maximum 9-10 per package.

    • Additional Games also available individually

  • Tables or 'wheels' needed to run selected games

    • All necessary tables are provide as needed for each game.

    • The game tables are adjustable to accommodate children of different heights and abilities.

    • Games can also be placed on the grass/floor depending on the game and/or need.


  • Package discount options

    • Discount is available for fun food machines; Popcorn, Cotton Candy, and Snow cones.

    • Discount is available for Spin Art and Pucker Powder craft games and Bubble machine.

    • Spin Art can also be made for school fund raising

    • Discount is available for additional Canopy tents

    • Discount is available for additional games.

    • Ask about our Good Neighbor Award.

  • The games are simple and fun, the staff make it all work like magic!
    Young and old, everybody likes to try to flip the frog onto the lilly pad. Many will try few will succeed!Themed photo booth helps to create memories. Hats bring the group theme together for the photos.Mother ans son happy faces at your carnival. Follow our suggestions for awesome carnival events!Concentration and focus with our cue ball and cue stick pool game.Create family memories with themed carnival photos. Play jungle safari dress up children become animals and adults don safari hats for fun family photos.

    • We have seen many ways of doing these events, don't be shy about discussing your ideas with us.

    • Ask us about ways to help your event run more smoothly.

    • Use Game cards for pre-paid admission, ask us about these.

    • Let us know if you are charging admission, we'll give you ideas about how much to charge for which games.

  • Game tokens awarded with each game

    • Game tokens can be redeemed for prizes or goodie bags you provide at a redemption booth..

    • We really urge you to use this system, it is a tried and true system and every child leaves feeling like a winner!

    • Less expensive for you in the long run.

    • Add carnival prizes to the fun and watch the event take off!

    Discussion/thoughts about tokens:
    Some schools initially hesitate to use tokens in the essence of time or to avoid 'competition' in game play.  We have found using the tokens reinforce real world math skills - making 'field day' a learning experience. Tokens have no intrinsic value of their own, but when a child has just 'won' them there is high motivation and excitement about them.  Children are primed for discussion about counting them, statistical analysis of them and can understand graphs, ratios and other math concepts more easily.  We need our tokens back, but they can be counted and used by the classroom teacher of every grade level to learn real math in an exciting way.  Some schools and groups use the tokens to collect as a class and then the class with the most tokens wins a pizza party for their class. 

  • Important distinction about our games.  All of our games are games of skill - meaning you can get better with more practice.  We do NOT offer games of 'chance' which are not appropriate for children and would be considered gambling. Games of skill are always permitted while games of chance are strictly regulated by the NJ Gaming Commission -  the people who regulate casinos in NJ.

  • School, Camp and Church Carnival Game package includes one game supervisors for up to a three hour period.

    Our supervisor rotates your volunteers among the different games so one volunteer is not stuck in the sun the whole time or constantly picking up balls.   This rotation makes for happier volunteers.

    Volunteers must attend a 15 minute meeting before games start to explain game rules, tokens and working with the children to have a wholesome family friendly game experience.

    • Additional time is available at a per hour rate.

Safety supervisors on guard at the inflatable combo Jump Climb and slide. NJ law requires our supervisors at school, church, camp, company and other public rentals.School Fun Day CARNIVAL GAME PACKAGE WITH AN INFLATABLE!  (Best event option when you can supply the volunteer workers.)


  • Carnival Game package with an inflatable;- All of the above plus;

    • Safety begins before we arrive; we will provide you with a safety sheet to print for the children to take home in advance of field day which covers appropriate clothing choice, hair tied back, and what to expect on event day with the obstacle or jump house.

    • We will provide one specially trained inflatable supervisor who has years of experience at public rentals and working with children.

    • The State Of NJ has specific laws about public rentals of inflatables and other amusement rides. Inflatables are treated just like full carnival rides and Great Adventure, Six Flags rides. We are fully compliant with the laws and go the extra mile to make sure you have a superior presentation in your open-to-the-public events. We provide the following items in this package:

    • 28 inch bright and colorful 'traffic cones' with

    • Colorful, decorative safety ropes to direct the line of children,

    • Special signs as required by NJ law.

    • Signs to separate the children by age/size .

    • We provide (8) red, (8) blue and (6) yellow preschool chairs, each color is for different age/size groups for jump houses.

    • The children sit on the chairs to remove and put on their shoes as well as listen to the safety rules while they wait their turn.

    • We will also provide the NJ required 'Information and Reporting' table (with an EZ Up shade tent for outdoor locations if available stock permits.)

    • We will also provide a few adult chairs for tired spectators to rest while viewing the children.

    • The total price for this package which also includes a staff person for the 'Information and Reporting' table for the duration of your event.

    • You can rest easy that we know our stuff and that all we do will reflect positively on you!

    Here are some Public Rental Setups;
    Chairs are used to sort the children into small, medium and large sizes while they wait their turn, remove their shoes, and hear the rules for safe play. Cones and signs help to bring your event into compliance with NJ law and give your event a safe, professional look.

    Jump house set up indoors and outside.

    Combo unit setup outside. Can also be setup indoors.
    Obstacle course is usually best for a school, church or large public event.

Inflatables;  Available units include:

  • Jumping only with various themes

  • Jump, climb and slide units, requires am additional paid supervisor.

  • Obstacle course, requires 1 of our supervisors and 2 of your volunteers. An obstacle is always the best choice for large numbers of children because the through-put can be as high as 2 people every ten seconds insuring that many more people get turns.

  • LARGER combo units with jump, obstacles, climb and slide units, requires additional paid supervisor.

Golf hole in one encourages young golfers to 'give it a try' on the friendly golf geme.Score! The joy of success feels so good! Our carnival games make all children winners! Hockey bank shot carnival game for hockey players of all ages.We provide supervisors for every entrance and exit, colorful chairs for sorting the children by size, parents can help children with their shoes. Organized, impresive, supervised and safe presentation.
Basketball hoops attached to the larger combos ensure that every age group can be involved and have fun together!

Add popcorn, snow cone, cotton candy, and Pucker Powder machines for an awesome, comprehensive party event!

Carnival Games Children's Party Supply, Party Games birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions, picnics, Halloween, scouts, camp, carnivals

School, Church and Camp Party Games Your Children will love!
Tents and Game Packages bring a variety of games and game supervisors to your party!

Photos of Tent and Game packages
Rent our games today!  They really add to your backyard children's party or carnival event.  Fun for reunions and family gatherings, anywhere there are children of any age!  Order a few, order 25, they will enhance your party! When you order your games with our game supervisors you can get tents for your games too!
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Carnival Photos an indoor overview.
Party Animal Photos with Mascot
Outdoor Carnival Photos
Resources & Party supplies for your party theme!

Our games come with wheels and/or adjustable tables to make sure games are played at the best level. Two different tables are pictured here.
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    Give your kids a moonwalk bouncing, jumping, good party, call Air Castles and Slides today to book your party.

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    Proudly serving New Jersey. 
    Specializing in Central NJ,
    Edison, Plainfield, Piscataway, Middlesex, Bound Brook, Dunellen, Highland Park,
    South Plainfield, Fords, and more like . . .  Avenel, Carteret, Colonial, Cranbury, Dayton, Dunellen, East Brunswick, Edison, Fords, Green Brook, Fords, Helmetta, Highland Park, Iselin, Jamesburg, Keasbey, Kendall Park, Laurence Harbor, Metuchen, Middlesex,  Milltown, Monmouth Junction, Monroe, Morgan, New Brunswick, North Brunswick,  Old Bridge, Parlin, Perth Amboy, Piscataway, Plainsboro, Port Reading, Sayreville, Sewaren,  South Amboy, South Brunswick, South Plainfield, South River, Spotswood, Woodbridge, and more.

    Make your children's next party an out of this world success!
    Now you can let them jump all around the house -
    and bounce off the walls - in our moon walk bounce house!

    Click on small moonwalks to see larger bounce house and slides photos and get more information.

    Call: 908 222 1111 or 732 642 2194
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    Plan all your children's parties now! Full children's party rentals in NJ
    EXCLUSIVE!!! We rent Fully Licensed, Official Disney, Official Universal Studios , Official 20th Century Fox, Official Nickelodeon and Nick Junior, Official Marvel Comics, Official WB (Warner Brothers,) Official Looney Tunes, and The Incredible World of DIC Inflatable Fun Houses! We carry traditional Birthday, Castles,  Rockets, Sports, Trains. Balloons, Jump, Obstacles, Mountain Climb, Slide and hoops 5 in 1 Combos, and Fully Licensed, Original Jump Houses.

    Air Castles And Slides, LLC serves several NJ Counties;  including Middlesex County, Somerset County, Union County, Monmouth County,
    and occasionally Morris, Essex and Hudson Counties too. Call for your party today!

    Air Castles and Slides, LLC: A NJ Company
    Call (908) 222-1111  or (732) 640-4422  Initial info/general questions
    (732) 642-2194 for booking/reservations
    today to book your children's moonwalk party!
    Moonwalk rentals NJ

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    WE will never rent any inflatable that is not in full compliance with NJ law.
    All of our inflatables will have the current year's GREEN permit/inspection sticker meaning they are fully approved for use in NJ.

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